Spice Up Your Day With Hot & Sour Fin Soup

Every seafood lover know that grouper is a special fish to cook. Knowing this, The Hook try to create beautiful dishes from every part of the fish. Using grouper’s fins and tails as the main ingredients, we are proud to introduce the “Hot & Sour Fin Soup”....
Seafood Jakarta
Seafood Jakarta

Try The Hook’s Quintessential “Prawns & Eggs”

The Hook Restaurant has always maintained the highest standard in terms of quality of ingredients used in all of our dishes. We source our own seafood locally, making sure that we know exactly where they come from and how they are handled, from the sea to our customers’ plate. To highlight one of our special ingredient, the Banana Prawn, our Chef has created the quintessential prawn dish, named Prawns & Eggs. As the name would suggest, this dish combines succulent prawns with the crunchy and savoury egg floss. Perfect as a starter to whet your appetite.