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7 Steps To Mingle In A Party

The are many customers arrange a party at The Hook Restaurant, the best seafood in Jakarta. Indeed, the invite many people to join in. On the other hand, to mingle with strangers at parties, it starts easy by talking to a single person or a small group. Introduce yourself to the strangers at the party and have a pleasant conversation with them. Smile and act confident. When you’re ready, move on to another person or another group of people. Sound easy?

For introverts, and those who are on the shy side, being in a room surrounded by strangers probably a stressful situation. Sometimes, we have to attend parties, a corporate event or gathering for networking. To help make mingling more manageable and enjoyable, try some of these strategies so you can come into a room with style and confidence.

  1. Prepared, of everything. Before going to an event, find out who will be there,
  2. Smile, while you talk and while you walk. Smile while you mingle and move throughout the room. Smiling is a signals that you're open to conversation and will able to make people drawn to you and feel comfortable enough to approach you.
  3. Talk to everyone while make it simple and light. Approach someone, giving a hand and saying your name is simple. Then you could extending the conversation with the light topics, such as ask what the person does or why they’re here. After that, stop talking and listen. People love to talk about themselves, so let them.
  4. Don’t be to quit in a conversation. Ask question, answer question, ask question. This is the ideal thing should be. It means that you have to keep up with current events and business trends. Know something about local and international news. Add with some recent sports to entertainment news. This will give you a range of topics to draw from for conversational leads, and also means you should be able to respond intelligently to questions from conversation partners.
  5. Attend events with a friend or colleague will help relax you. If this person is outgoing and confident, great! They can introduce you to people they know or have already met, and encourage you to hand out business cards on your own. But don’t huddle, separate after you have a right timing.
  6. Be yourself. It's okay to be quiet and avoid being the center of attention. You don’t have to be the life of the party to network effectively, and in fact, the opposite is often true. Own it, and use your quiet strength and calm to get ahead in your own way.
  7. Last but not least, go where the food is. Positioning yourself by the bar or food area is a great way to be "in the path" of those who've just grabbed a beverage or a snack. It can help smooth the way for an easier opening. And don’t forget, the venue plays an important rule. The Hook is a comfortable place for a gathering. We’ll be set the venue perfectly, so everyone can enjoy the event.


Of course trying to remember and integrate multiple strategies at once may be overwhelming, so pick two or three you’re comfortable with to start. As you become more comfortable and confident over time, add other strategies. Remember, you’re not alone. Good luck, and happy mingling.