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Arisan FeMale & iLotte, Celebrate Beauty in You

What do you think about seeing a group of women gather together at some place? Surely the answer is not far from the assumption that they are gossiping or just venturing out their daily activities. However, in reality, not all women like to gossip or vent. For example, the women who joined the Arisan FeMale program. Arisan FeMale which was initiated as a meeting place for women and has become a place to share experiences among them.

This time, FeMale Radio works with iLotte online shopping mall and is fully supported by Pure Heals held Arisan FeMale iLotte, Celebrate Beauty in You at The Hook, the best hangout place in Jakarta on Thursday (01/11/2018). With the Korean Style dress code, the event was hosted by Irina Dewi and Gery Puraatmadja. This time, Ismi Melinda a Healthy Lifestyle Influencer will share her experience using Pure Heals products. There is also a special appearance from Nina Tamam that adds the cheerful atmosphere.

Participants who come to this event can share and get face and body care information from Pure Heals. In addition to sharing sessions, there also games with an interesting door prize for the participant. They can also get Pure Heals products at special prices. For you who have not had the opportunity to take part in this gathering and are very interested in following, let's not forget to listen and continue to follow the updates on FeMale Radio on 99.5 FM!