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Bored of Formal MC? Choose the Funny One!

MC or Master of Ceremony is an important element in an event. An MC can bring guests present late in an event, as well as enliven the party. According to The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta, if in the past many people chose formal MCs, now the criteria for party hosts change. Many people want the party to be guided by a humorous or hilarious MC.

A reliable Master of Ceremony, with personality and abilities, will captivate the audience to "feel at home" following a series of events. Especially if he's hilarious, the way he speaks is actually able to be an entertainment for the audience. It doesn't have to always bring a celebrity to do this, because all around us actually have people who have the potential to play a funny MC.

Of course to be a funny MC also needs to fulfill its own demands. The MC requirement must be Smart and Creative. In creative terms it means "having creativity". An MC must be able to create new things so that the program he leads is interesting and "exciting". MCs are often required to improvise, especially if the event is not in accordance with the rundown. MC was also required to be able to Spontaneous on Stage, doing spontaneous things that fit on stage.


Pic credit by: Brianlorez Pardis