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Bring Your Indie Band to be More Known

It is not easy to jump into the music world and continue to survive for a long time. A band needs a lot to achieve success with longevity in this industry. Many strategies can be used to reach that point. Reflecting on big bands both at home and abroad is one of them. Like what? Check out the reviews from The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta, a band marketing strategy that you can emulate!

Wave Marketing. This term is said by marketing expert, Hermawan Kertajaya. The point is, we know the goals and communities that we will target. Focus there. 'Shot' can be directly directed to the community. Why? Again talking about the effectiveness and correlation with budgeting. You can be more focused and on target.

Social Media Buzz. Lots of social media that appear with different characters. Each has advantages and disadvantages. But we recommend, find time to study this social media specifically. This will be very powerful marketing at a lower cost. It is better if there is one person who is addicted to this social media, so there is no need to bother to do it.

Unique & Consistent. It is not easy to become a trendsetter and rather than a trend or standard. What is actually considered strange by other musicians. But it is this "unique" power that makes people look and pay attention. For example White Shoes and The Couple Company. When all make pop songs with cengkok malay, they even appear with old packaging, both from songs or makeup. And they are consistent. Or Naif who always appears with his 70s character. I believe, every uniqueness has a place. But that does not mean you have to go "nyleneh" but be honest with that uniqueness. Oh yes, it's unique that it doesn't have to be fashion, but it can also be from the character of the personnel, song arrangements, lyrics or stage action. So you don't need to be afraid of your uniqueness. The important thing is consistent.


Pic credit by: Olga Living Pro