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Choose the Right Menu to Serve with Red Wine

How do you combine various types of red wine with food to enhance the taste and enjoyment of dishes? There are a number of basic things in combining food and various variants of alcoholic beverages. Here's the information according to The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

The right wine will enhance the taste of food. Almost all types of food can be combined with various wines. People have different tastes and desires that affect the combination of food and drinks. Combining cheese with wine is already in the grip. Including pairing wine with steaks or playing other courses.

All food can basically be paired with a glass of red wine as long as the food is not too strong. The red thread is red meat eaten with red wine. Sweet or slightly bitter foods make it more sour and sour than red wine. It's best to avoid using strong-scented red wine with sweet foods. In contrast, salty or sour food is suitable served with red wine with a sweet taste that gives a fresh taste.

There are still many other references in matching wine and food. You should enjoy the process and experience. The combination of food and drink will be easier if the type of wine you have is more diverse and balanced.


Pic credit by: Uthe