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Delicious Meals with Drinking Beer

One good beverage to drink when the weather is hot and hot is beer. In addition, this type of drink is also delicious juxtaposed with foods. Here are some information about meals that are good to eat while drinking a beer version of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

When enjoying snacks, good beer is juxtaposed with delicious Balinese beans and cheese. In addition, beer is also suitable for drinking when eating other Indonesian dishes. Spicy and savory food, such as Manado food, Padang food, burned food is also right served with beer. After a spicy meal or food with a strong flavor, it can be neutralized with beer. Cold and soft taste makes beer suitable with the sense of flavor we have.

The first example is hawaian-style pizza. The secret is in the sweet taste of beer which can balance the sour taste of pineapple and strengthen the taste of ham on pizza. Beer can also complement various flavors of Asian food. Try pairing the beer with your favorite spicy ramen, you will agree.


Pic credit by: Jiwandaru