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Elegant White Roses Decoration With A Million Meanings

As a restaurant that is often used for party events, of course at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta has many interesting party decoration references. One interesting element of decoration is using white roses. Then, why do many like party decorations with white rose ornaments?

White roses can be interpreted as a meeting between two people who then combine love. It can also be a meeting between two or more friends who are then friends until a time.

Respecting and respected should be done in an association, including in our daily lives. In this case, white roses are often presented in memory of a long-dead figure. Even in commemoration of historic days, white roses also appear in it. White rose symbolizes sympathy in the funeral process. White rose also symbolizes the spiritual feeling in the process of commemorating the big day.

Not only red roses full of love and romance, but also white roses. The symbol of true love is also symbolized by the implied white roses. This can be seen in the case of the village flower and prince, where both of them ended happily by sharing love. Or, it can also be symbolized by honoring a hero who has died as a form of true love for the nation and state. Love white roses are more in love with others.

The sincerity of love and feelings of love are very suitable to be symbolized by white roses. This interest is closely related to secrets and innocence, which starts from the words pure and holy. This can be interpreted in a real example, where when a man has a lover, he should guard without depriving him of his humanity by harassing him. Or, relationships that are based on mutual trust without having to acknowledge the word "courtship" can also be a real example of this fifth point.


Pic credit by: Dewiyana Effensi