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Enjoying House Blend Coffee

Understanding characters and cupping is one of the things coffee lovers need to have. We certainly already know about Arabica and Robusta types of coffee. In terms of form, if Arabica has a winding middle shape, it is different from Robusta which has a straight line in the middle.

In particular, in this article we will discuss the features of enjoying house blend coffee, which means the process of combining several types of coffee beans to add flavor. With the blending process, a professional coffee activist can serve coffee with a more complex taste. The process of blending coffee can also be a way to balance the taste between two types of coffee, for example, get the aroma of one type but with a taste of another type. Incidentally, at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta also presents a number of house blend coffee creation menus.

Coffee blending aims to determine consistency, make certain flavors of coffee profiles that produce unique flavors and are adapted to the method of making coffee that cannot be found from origin or single coffee origin and can determine what flavor coffee lovers will taste.

What's interesting about the process of combining various types of coffee is where the composition of mixes by roasters can often change at any time and the big coffee cupper companies regularly make blending coffee cupping to ensure their integrity is maintained and the combination does not change in the era.

Now, many coffee shops sell coffee blends to create the distinctive taste of coffee from the coffee shop. In the end, everything returned to taste. The important thing is, if you have enough coffee tools at home, you can enjoy any type of coffee, including house blend types.