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Explore Casual Look In Wearing Hijab

Many hijabers think that there aren't many fashion choices for loyal wearers of the hijab. Wait, but you are wrong! You can still look stylish every day with your favorite hijab. Here some examples how to look casually in wearing hijab as reccommendation by The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Choose brightly colored hijabs.
Feel free to choose brightly colored hijab? Why not? You can combine bright blue patterned hijabs with pale colored suits that make your appearance stand out!

Match the color of the hijab to the color of the shoes.
The color of the shoe must be the same as the color of the bag? It has been a trend in the past! For you hijabers, you should use shoes that are similar in color to your hijab. This fashion trick will provide a more balanced touch of color from base to end. So from now on, try matching the hijab color with shoes.

Exploration of rectangular hijab.
Is your hijab rectangular? This means that you are free to experiment with both ends! Try to cover both ends naturally on the front.

Use a head scarf.
Besides being used on the neck, you can also wear a scarf on your head. This style will make you look more stylish, you know. If the ends are dangling free, just slip the ends of the fabric into your belt so that the scarf stays in place. This method will make the body look longer and slimmer too. Meanwhile, shorter scarves will give the illusion of a shorter body. So it's best, choose a long scarf.

Choose floral motifs.
Add a floral motif hijab to give a feminine impression to the casual clothes you wear.


Pic credit by: Rina Djarot