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Five Lessons In Hosting A Kids' Event

What do you have in mind about a children's MC event? It's usually energetic as the main requirement for being an MC for kids' events. If you want to become an MC, a good child's birthday, in this article, The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta will share five tips that will help you successfully guide to succeed in hosting kids' birthday program:

  1. Opening. Like a formal event in general, opening is very important to give a "hallo effect" to the audience. In this moment your role as a host is very important. Not only introducing yourself that your existence is as someone who will guide the event, but in this moment your expertise and flight hours are very helpful in order to attract the attention of the audience for the first time. If the majority of the audience is children, then you can do a light joke by the children to start the program.
  2. Remember that you are not the star of the show. In the process of running the event it is not impossible to emerge feeling that you are at the center of the attention of the entire audience, but as a good birthday MC, you have to get rid of those feelings. predetermined time schedule.
  3. Digging into the host's profile information. Every child's birthday has a compulsory session that is introducing the child who is having a birthday. It is mandatory for the emcee to have valid information about the child, at least you must know the age, hobbies, school and the number of family members. This will be very helpful when the child has a shy nature so that you automatically have to represent it to provide detailed information to the entire audience.
  4. Learn the order of events. A point that determines the success of a birthday event is the arrangement of the event. If the host has prepared an odd-looking program, your job as an MC is to provide input to parents. Even if forced to run the program provided, make sure the child's birthday is not boring.
  5. Perfect cover. when the opening of your event has given something good and impressive, then the procession of the child's birthday must be closed like a very important event, if during the event it is filled with laughter and jest, when closing the event you need to give a little emotional touch to the recurring year and his parents.