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Go-Lucky Winners Celebration by Go-Jek Corporation

In the early week of September 2018, Go-Jek creates a celebration event at The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta. This celebration is held for the winners of go-lucky from go-points redeeming. The extravagant prize brings the winner to be a new billionaire.

GO-POINTS GO-LUCKY: Billionaire Edition has run for 6 weeks, starting from 15 July 2018. This program will be open to all GO-JEK users that utilize GO-PAY in their transactions. Redeem your points now for a chance to win these special prizes from GO-POINTS GO-LUCKY: Billionaire Edition!

The grand prize of this program are cash prizes worth 1 Billion, 250 Million Rupiah, and 125 Million Rupiah! there will also be 3 cash prizes worth 32 Million Rupiah, 6 cash prizes worth 16 Million Rupiah, and finally, we will be awarding 30 GO-PAY Vouchers worth 1 Million each, 60 Vouchers GO-PAY worth 500 thousand each, 90 GO-PAY vouchers worth 250 thousand each, 180 GO-PAY vouchers worth 125 thousand each.