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Healthy Teeth with The Halal Product from Sasha

Some time ago, The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta was crowded with Muslim bloggers. They came specifically to attend product education from Sasha, halal toothpaste from PT Kino Indonesia.

Sasha Toothpaste is beyond halal, because Sasha is not only halal toothpaste, but also offers flakes of native siwak which Rosulullah recommended. One more is Sasha Halal Toothpaste Whitening, with natural ingredients of siwak, lemon, and salt, not forgetting to be enriched with fluoride and calcium. Sasha Halal Whitening Toothpaste provides dual protection by making teeth look natural white while maintaining the strength of teeth.

In addition to the goodness that has been conveyed before, this type of Sasha Halal Toothpaste is certainly safe and labeled halal. Free of alcohol or ingredients derived from animals. Amazing, isn't it? Curious to try it? Just visit Sasha Pancaran Aura Islami Facebook account or Instagram @SashaIndonesia.