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Here It Comes: The Charming & Meaningful Red Roses

When mentioning various types of flowers, of course the name of the rose will never be forgotten to be called. Precisely roses ranked the top favorite flowers in the world. Of the many colors possessed by roses, red roses are the most desirable color of course besides white roses.

At The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta there are also quite frequent events which are decorated with red rose decorations. Besides being beautiful and unsightly, it turns out that red roses also have deep meaning. Then, what is the meaning of this fragrant and charming flower?

Getting a red rose from a loved one must feel so special. Red rose symbolizes warm love and romance in a relationship. Usually red roses are chosen to be given to lovers who have spent many days together, or for a married couple. In some countries besides symbolizing love, red roses also symbolize religious and political symbols.