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How to create a simple reunion concept

Longing and nostalgia for the past cannot be shed only through cyberspace networks or cell phone devices. Even internet and cellular media actually encourage people to face to face. Even so, work that is not easy to collect and attract attention from old colleagues with their various activities.

Here are some ways suggested by The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta to package a simple reunion concept:

  1. Be careful in choosing the committee. Be sure to choose people who want to work hard with sincerity. Keep in mind that being a reunion committee can drain time, energy, and mind, but not get paid
  2. Make a list of participants you will invite, complete with their personal data. Don't let there will be some questions: why can't I be invited? or How come I don't know?
  3. Determine the theme of the event, the date of the event, the venue. Don't be too tight and not too long.
  4. Choose a strategic place. If your reunion is not too large, for example, only with classmates, local restaurants can be an option. What needs to be done, just order a place based on the number of people who confirm will come.
  5. Create a blog or group on Facebook, Whatsapp, or other social media for your event. Make a light conversation, not things that contain debate or trigger hostility. Remember, you haven't met your colleagues for years or years, people have changed a lot.


Pic courtesy: Jusman