Seafood Jakarta

Indonesian Spices for Seafood

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor. It because the food used lot of spices. Among many spices, these are commonly used spices for seafood - lime, bird’s eye chili or cabai rawit and pepper. Lime help cut through the fishy of grouper, pepper - called the "king of spices" adds an excellent depth of flavour and bird’s eye chili are commonly used for various recipes of sambal.

Almost all of The Hook’s menus used those spices. Here we line up three menus from The Hook that used at least one of those spices. Grilled emperor grouper – grilled emperor grouper basted with kaffir lemon sauce served with spicy dabu-dabu sauce. Dabu-dabu sauce mixed various spices such as bird's-eye chili and the lime. It gives a fresh sour and spicy flavour to the grilled grouper.

Next, Prime admiral ribs – deep fried grouper ribs served with rica-rica sauce. Rica-rica sauce used lot of various chili and one of them are bird's-eye chili. The hot sauce works perfectly with the fried grouper ribs. Last, Pacific Ocean - baked grouper, mashed potato, sauté vegetable served with white wine. The pepper adds the flavour of the dishes and makes its irresistible.

Where else can you get the piquant taste in much healthier version, except at The Hook.