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Live for A Happier Life

In our daily lives, surely everyone has felt sad and happy, nobody escaped those feelings. For some people happiness is sometimes difficult to achieve, whether it's because of the magnitude of the problem faced or the owner of the taste itself who does not want to try to get happy.

One of the easy things to grow happiness in us is laughing therapy. If you are not an easy person to laugh, maybe by smiling can help you to get a sense of happiness, even if a fake smile is okay. So if you ask the reason why smiling can stimulate the release of the hormone "happy" or Endophrins, the answer is when we smile our facial muscles will be interested, well that's when our brain will be aroused by removing the hormone Endorphins.

Apparently, the hormone endorphins which stimulates a sense of happiness can also be obtained from food. The following is a list of foods that can stimulate a sense of happiness in the version of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Chocolate. This food can trigger happiness in us. However, not all chocolate is a type of dark chocolate with more chocolate (dark chocolate). Dark chocolate contains many antioxidants that can naturally increase feelings with the presence of N-acylethanolamine, a chemical that stimulates the brain to release endorphins.

Avocado. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that are associated with brain health and regulate feelings. This fruit also contains vitamin B3 which can increase serotonin.

Tomato. Tomatoes are a source of lycopene, antioxidants and that protect the brain and fight depression. The researchers found that one of the biggest benefits of lycopene is the prevention of pro-inflammatory components (inflammation) that are often associated with depression.

Nuts. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and seeds such as pumpkin can also stimulate the production of endorphins which will then be released into the bloodstream to give rise to a sense of euphoria, stress relief and increase happiness.

Milk. Proteins contained in milk which are known as lactium can provide a calming effect on the body. However, besides eating food and drinks that can trigger happiness.


Pic credit by: Panji Depapiraissa