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Look Glamorous with Kaftan

Ladies, Kaftans at this time are not only worn during religious events. With the right mix and match, kaftans can also be worn at parties. Well, The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta tries to explore kaftans so you look glamorous to parties.

If you are the type of agile woman who moves a lot, then the caftan can be a suit for you. Kaftan is one type of clothing with excess loose and graceful at the same time. The choice of the right caftan for the condition is a caftan with gold / silver color crystal accents on the chest. With this model, you will undoubtedly look more glamorous when going to parties.

For kaftans with full of Swarovski crystal accents on the chest and wrist, it is more suitable to wear at night parties.While for kaftans that appear simpler can be used when you attend a party during the day.

Be careful when choosing caftan material. Many caftans come with transparent material. Many caftans come with transparent material. Clothing that is too transparent and exposes the inside of clothing is certainly considered impolite when charged to a formal party event.


Pic credit by Reny Kartina