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Maintaining Good Networking In A Reunion

Proverb says if we can be close friends through nine years, they will definitely be our best friends. The phrase seemed suitable for the University of Indonesia's taxation 98 reunion held at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta recently.

The taxation department of the University of Indonesia has a vision and mission of carrying out tax vocational education with an emphasis on practice according to user needs to produce international standard professional midwives. In addition, this institution also has the development of taxation through Research & Service for the needs and interests of the community as well as Competence / Taxation profession certification.

It was truly a great thing when after completing taxation studies at the University of Indonesia and twenty years later the alumni were still focused on that field. Indeed, one of the main goals in holding a reunion is to build networks so that alumni can have cooperation in the fields of work and business with each other.


Pic credit by: Panji Depapiraissa