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Make A restaurant More Comfy for Kids

After all, eating in a restaurant together with a small child can sometimes make stress. Small children, especially toddlers, have more energy to explore their surroundings. They will not be interested in sitting in a chair while waiting for food to come. So it's not an open secret when eating in restaurants, many excited parents keep their children actively running around rather than enjoying their food, especially if they go without nannies. The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta found several ways to make a restaurant comfortable for children.

Instagenic. Create instagenic restaurants with attractive designs and make kids comfortable and uplifted.

Mainstay Menu. Make a mainstay menu that is suitable and liked by children such as pasta, fried rice or fried chicken.

Playground. Children must be feeling like at home and don't want to go home. This is because of the enormous playgorund area. The shape of the playground is like a ship. There children can freely run around and play without any fear.

Library Room. Try making a corner that is used as a library containing colored comics and story books. It's guaranteed that children must be comfy for long in our restaurant.

Healthy Food Ingredients. Try using only fresh and good quality food ingredients. Make sure all the bread is homemade and there is no use of palm oil or MSG for all the food.