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More Relaxed When Speaking in Front of The Public, Want to Know How?

For some people, speaking in public is not an easy thing. Especially if you are asked suddenly or suddenly to speak in front of the forum. The next reaction can be ascertained, stomach upset, legs and arms trembling, the heart beats fast, and time seems to run very slowly. Well, this is the symptom of nervous. 

Then how do you deal with nervous in public? Here are some tips for dealing with grogginess when speaking in public the version of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Prepare material if you don't perform suddenly. This can foster self-confidence because you feel confident about what you say.

Prepare mentally by building confidence and controlling fear and emotions. This is the initial capital to successfully talk in public. The way is to rest and get enough sleep before the time of public speaking, do relaxation or light exercise to reduce mental tension and anticipate fatigue, for example by holding the tip of the foot while standing bent for a few seconds, taking a long and deep breath and holding it for a few seconds , then exhale slowly, also drink a glass of water to prepare the vocals.

Do not require yourself to look perfect on every occasion because it will only speed up the emergence of feeling nervous when just a little of your shortcomings appear. Rest assured all people have flaws and not everyone is able to speak well in public.

Don't forget to pray before speaking in public so as not to be nervous, not nervous, and successful. What you need to emphasize in yourself is that speaking in public is not a very stressful thing. You will not be criticized and shunned just because your appearance is not perfect when in front of the forum. So try to always be calm and relaxed.

And more importantly, not on how you look but on what you convey so you must have clear and purposeful goals and objectives. Remember, most listeners want you to succeed in conveying the message.


Pic credit by: Olga Living Pro 2