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Mystery Behind Men and Their Hobbies

That said, men who have hobbies have their own charms. In fact, women can be fascinated by it. What makes the men so much cooler than usual when busy in their own world? Here are some hobbies that are loved by men and the mysterious meaning behind them according to The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

  1. Automotive. Definitely it will look macho right? Actually, in the eyes of girls in general if you see a guy whose automotive hobby is sexy. But it is good if a guy who has a hobby is supported by a budget that allows him and can get permission from his girlfriend or wife, LOL (if his hobby is an automotive collection or hobby of modifying a car or motorcycle).
  2. Sport. Besides being healthy, futsal or other sports can add to the proof of the authenticity of men, almost all boys look cool on futsal courts and this is something that fascinates girls.
  3. Music. Whether he is a music player or a music listener, for some reason if the average guy whose hobby is music is mostly romantic.
  4. Gaming. Even though most male gamers are more focused on playing games than on girls, it's a troublesome thing, but try to see that the hobby has benefits as well. There are several sources who say that the game can foster a sense of cooperation to build team work. Some online games, for example, require teamwork to achieve victory.


Pic credit by: Sennawh Anndy