Seafood Jakarta

Nachos as Crackers

On the appetizer list, we have seafood Nachos. You may have already known about this. But talking about Nachos, in The Hook restaurant, the best seafood in Jakarta, we also serve it in a smaller portion without indulging of seafood, we use this as a side dish.

After opening our menu list, and you like to order Pacific Burger, we will let you know which this menu take Nachos as its side dish. Nachos itself could create a more delicate way in tasting Pacific Burger as crackers. It is almost similar when you were eating fried rice with "kerupuk kampung" as crackers than we put Nachos as crackers for our signature dish: Pacific Burger. The Nachos is perfectly more than just crackers since our side-dish Nachos is topped by tomato salsa and cheese.

As the writer could say that The Hook's pacific burger has a big portion of seafood burger in this Jakarta restaurant. You may share it for two. But if you were a burger huge fans, just enjoy it by yourself and definiteley you'll get yourself satisfied.