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Nation Character Development Started from Firm Women

Do you believe if the formation of national character originated from a strong woman? The Japanese proverb says, it would be better in a small family to lose a father, because only Father is missing. But if in a small family loses a mother, then it is certain that there will most likely be a generation. Here, we can see how the Japanese people deeply recognize the role and figure of the mother in educating children, maintaining family sustainability and indicators of success of a generation.

The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta tries to express some theories about the importance of women in shaping the nation's character. In national character books from the dark to the light, Soemarno Soedarsono (2009) quotes that Bung Karno once said, "This nation must be built by prioritizing character building, because this character building will make Indonesia a great, advanced nation glorious and dignified.

The strategy of "nation character building" is important in realizing Indonesian people who are more cultured and dignified. The steps that need to be carried out need to be directed at the establishment and strengthening of foundations in the family, school, and community environment in order to have cultural resilience. Stigma where the role of women has been neglected in the development of family character and the nation needs to be eroded and eliminated.

Based on the description above, there are four important things that must be considered when wanting to build a nation through character-based education through women (mothers), namely: (1) habituation; (2) examples or examples; (3) education / learning in an integrated manner; (4) Coordination and revitalization of the national movement with the younger generation directed primarily at strengthening community resilience.