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Picking The Right Topics To Chat With Peers

When you decide to meet with your peers on a specific occasion, it's better to chat with some easy going topics. This means necessary for a good friendship maintenance. Here are five most related topics as reccommendation from The Hook  restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta.

  1. Humour. The main exciting topic when gathering with friends is to discuss silly or funny things. Some people also like to talk at length about their ignorant or ridiculous actions. The humor topic is very effective to break the atmosphere so that it is not too monotonous and boring.
  2. Family. Chat about family issues will be endless. The topic of discussion was very diverse, not only about couples but also large families. For those who already have children, this topic can be a fun chat material. How to educate children and menu selection for children are two of them.
  3. Love. Sharing a love story with friends can make a flowing situation. Starting from one-sided love, difficult to move on to the presence of a third person are topics that are often discussed with friends. In general, someone expects input regarding the problem at hand. However, for some people, finding people who want to hear complaints is more than enough.
  4. Film. The discussion about the film is also interesting to discuss with friends. In general, the discussion is not far from the interesting storyline and the performers are pleasant to see. The discussion of films can sometimes be a very long discussion that even needs to create a meeting again to discuss it further.
  5. Nostalgia. Nostalgia and remembrance of the past also became a pleasant discussion. Like when you get an education with friends or remember a childhood full of interesting events.

Pic credit by: Faturrachman Kaplale