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Place-mat, From Dining Ethic to A Dining Ornament

Dining with family is a routine that brings intimacy. Provide the best experience by adding placemat with attractive designs will add such a decorative ambiance. When you are dining at The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta, you may also request place-mats in term of creating a fine dining occasion. 

Basically the using of a place-mat is a part of ethics in dining, to keep the dining table clean and people will dine firmly. Nowadays, people are getting more creative to use a place-mat. It becomes an ornament at dining table to complete center-pieces and beautify the cutleries display.

To make a place-mat as a part of decorative dining ornaments usually considers of its design and material. Somehow a thematic dining also creates printed place-mats with the same design with the event theme.


Pic Credit by Nana Beer