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Silver Reunion of SMA Suluh Jakarta

What do you think will happen if your high school friends gather after 25 years have graduated from school? It must be really exciting right! Of course this excitement was also created by alumni of SMA Suluh Jakarta who had made a silver reunion some time ago at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Suluh High School, located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, is very concerned about the development of IT in the school. This high school is aware of the progress of an educational institution now and in the future, largely determined by the ability to utilize Information Technology.

For that SMA SULUH with its vision "SUPERIOR IN ACHIEVEMENT AND COMPETITIVENESS BASED ON IMTAQ (FAITH and TAQWA) AND Science and Technology (KNOWLEDGE and TECHNOLOGY)", has the desire to become one of the schools that utilize Information Technology. So in the framework of the above as well as the existence of a DIKMENTI program namely the School Application System (SAS), SULUH High School has procured IT devices and utilized these IT devices in advancing their education.


Pic credit by: Rina Djarot

Source: SMA Suluh