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Simple Life & Simply Happy

People live life differently. There are people who choose to live with high manners and fulfill their lives with all forms of material. However, true happiness lies in a simple way of life. Even so, a simple life does not mean you have to eliminate all the basic things in life. Let's make a simpler lifestyle as suggested by The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta, so that life is happier.

  1. Close to family. Simple life means focusing on true happiness rather than just looking everywhere outside the home.
    Someone who lives a simple life needs time to develop family relationships that are more meaningful than making bonds for selfish reasons.
  2. Reduce negative feelings such as jealousy, jealousy, selfishness, and greed. If you can't master negative feelings, then you will continue to race to get more material in life.
    However, when you live your life in a simple way you are more relaxed and comfortable with yourself.
  3. Be creative. After leaving the competition for material, you will see that simple life means a more creative life.
    You have less pressure when working and you have ways to let your creativity flow.
    So, remember to live your life in a fun and simple way.
  4. Me Time. Loving yourself will make you happy. One makes your life happy that is taking time for yourself.
    When you have time for yourself, there is energy involved in it so you can feel happiness.


Pic credit by: Merries Erruwati Muhammad