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Starting the Year with a New Resolution

When we enter 2019, it's good to develop ourselves to be better. If you still live with the principle of let it flow, you should leave it quickly. You will not know where your life is going. Who knows the road stuck in place. Of course it's not a good thing. Everywhere life is better. Yes, you want it like that.

Before moving on to New Year's resolutions, it is better to evaluate everything that we have done this year. Just write down all your achievements this year. Not just big things, just written small things. After that you can follow how to make a new year resolution version of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Applying a Healthy Lifestyle
One of the simplest things is to drink more water.

Setting aside income to save and investment can also be done in a simple way. Do not have to have tens of millions of money, there are many Fintech institutions that offer investment value starting from hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Optimize Time Management
Immediately change your habits that are often not on time at everything. Tidy up time management, it's already 2019 but you still like to be late?

Express your aspirations
Dare to express what is felt, is the right thing for you to do in 2019. Even though sometimes you are upset, but the intention to express your opinion needs to be fertilized from now on

Start Self-Appreciation
Promise yourself to better appreciate what you have. Even though it feels still far from your own target, try to appreciate the work you are doing now.

Selective In Friendship
You are old enough to continue to increase the quantity of friendship. Try to share friends who are more qualified for your life. But take the time to enjoy quality time with those who have survived on the side.

Don't Think Always Work
If obeyed by a job, there will be no end. Promise yourself not to forget to rest even though a myriad of tasks are waiting for you there.


Pic credit by: Rudy Sianipar