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Take a Good Group Selfie

Whenever you are hangout with friends at The Hook-the best dining place in Jakarta, we are sure that you always want to take a group photo. Either it’s being photographed by others or take it by yourself. Taking photos by yourself or selfie is easy if you are alone. But how to take it if there’s a lot of people have to capture in one frame. We have some tips to make sure every selfie you take is perfect.

Lighting is crucial and a step that we wouldn’t want you to compromise on.  Remember when it is too dark, that blurry ghost effect will appear.

Background check

You are the star of your selfie, but that doesn't mean you should ignore what's behind you. A selfie is about you and your friends, but capturing some of the background can add colour and variation. Turn around and check out your backdrop. If you truly want your face and nothing but your face to be the focus of the shot, choose a neutral, empty background like a wall. But sometimes, the setting is the reason for the photo.

Use the smartphone

A lot of smartphone are completed by a high definition camera and excellent application that will make your selfie look better. Besides, is easier to use a smartphone.  

Used a tripod, selfie stick or give the camera to the longest arm

It's still a selfie if you use a tripod and timer to take the picture. It’s not that old to using a selfie stick, using it can make you capture more people or more of the background.

Best angle

Everyone wants to make sure they look as good as possible, so try tilting your head to highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes look bigger. Remember to keep that chin down, too.

Remember all the people will be able to see it forever. So take a moment to consider what's going on around you and you will take a selfie in good taste and you may do best all at The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta.


Pic credit by: Vitha Aulia