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"Tanya Marlo" Press Launch UNAIDS - Indonesia

People affected by the HIV virus will usually close themselves from anyone. So that not infrequently they will be stressed and alone, without friends and family support. This is because people are still very unfamiliar with HIV. Realizing this, UNAIDS Indonesia together with Nimbly Technologies and Botika launched a chat bot application called Tanya Marlo. To introduce this application, some time ago a press launch was held at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

In the Tanya Marlo launch event, there were also several speakers, among them were:

  1. Inez Kristanti as a Psychologist and Social Media Influencer.
  2. Krittayawan (Tina) Boonto as UNAIDS Indonesia Country Director.
  3. David Webb as Co-founder and CMO of Nimbly Technologies.
  4. Ilona as Chair of the Atma Jaya AIDS Care Team Organization during the "Tanya Marlo" press conference.

Krittayawan Boonto, UNAIDS Indonesia's Country Director said the use of digital technology for health campaigns is a step to interact with the younger generation. Tanya Marlo is present in the LINE application to reach young people who may not have been exposed to information about HIV and AIDS. To use it, young people simply add Tanya Marlo as a friend on LINE with id @ tanyamarlo.


Pic credit by: Meyrist Situngkir