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The Art of Simplicity for Women

Women are creatures of God's creation with a million of charms and uniqueness. Unfortunately, women are often associated as weak creatures who can only play drama, gossip, and cry. Through this article, The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta wants to share some things to make happier women's life in a simple way.

Stop Drama. Hey women if there is one problem, try not to direct the drama. Try to handle it first. Calm yourself and just act. Unfortunately the energy is only for drama that doesn't need to be. It's better make you get an Oscar or an image trophy. No right? 

Being Independent. Being independent does not mean doing anything by yourself. Or women can fix anything like a craftsman. Not like that, being independent means to know how far your abilities and know when you need the help of others. While you can handle it yourself, try doing it yourself!

Use Logic. Women are often judged to overuse feelings rather than logic. Now try to use the logic of speaking, acting and making decisions.

Dare to say "no". Women like to be regarded as bad creatures. It's not nice to refuse a friend's invitation, it's not nice to refuse to work on a job that is not our part. It's time for you to learn to say NO for things that you don't think you should do, ladies!

Stop comparing with other's life. Matching yourself with other people makes you unhappy. You don't want to be unhappy right? well that's why stop playing in comparing yours with celebrities' life.