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The Meaning of Friendship for People at Age Over 40

Middle-aged people aged 40 years and over often have to face a number of life demands and only have limited time for themselves. As a result, when they were at that age they had no friends other than the nuclear family.

Even though according to experts, it would be better if in middle age people can spend time and effort to expand and maintain relationships with other people, aka friendship outside the nuclear family. Following is the review of the importance of building friendships for people over 40 years old, the version of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Friendship at a mature age is indeed one way to free yourself from a mildlife crisis, which usually occurs in the 40s to 50s. According to Ira Puspitawati, a psychologist from Gunadarma University, the crisis generally occurs because humans begin to realize that they are at half the time of their lives (assuming humans live for 80-100 years), so that the remaining time in the world is shorter. At that time humans will usually evaluate what they have done in the past. This evaluation process often causes various emotional crises - which are also supported by the drastic changes in hormones in the body.

In addition to having friends sharing in dealing with various life problems, the presence of friends (especially with relationships that have been tested by time) can restore the joy of youth that might have been forgotten because of busy taking care of family and work. No wonder the reunion event is always welcomed, because during the reunion we can go back to college, high school, and even elementary school. Moreover, this is also supported by the development of social media technology.


Pic credit by: Meyrist Situngkir