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Top 5 Songs For A Birthday Party

No matter how at any age, celebrating a birthday is not taboo. Making a birthday celebration by inviting a band show will certainly be more interesting. The Hook restaurant, the best hangout place in Jakarta tries to suggest 5 songs "all the time" that are suitable to be sung for birthday parties:

  1. 100 Years - Five For Fighting. This song tells the development of a person's characteristics from year to year from children to adults. The lyrics give a sense of optimism for your dreams and love.
  2. Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel. To be a solid person, we don't need to pretend to look perfect. Being nothing is better for maturity. The lyrics are suitable for accompanying your age.
  3. Happy Birthday To You - Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra's classic song will give you a luxurious feel at your birthday party.
  4. Forever Young - Rod Stewart. Everyone can continue to have the spirit to be young. That is the message conveyed through this song.
  5. God Bless The Child - Tony Bennet. In every age, a person certainly wants his age to be blessed by God. This song is like a prayer with beautiful melodies.

Pic credit by: Merries Eruwati Muhammad