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Universitas Indonesia Masters of Notary Alumni Discussing Steps in Being a Notary

Sharing experience is an important thing to improve competence in a profession, not least for a notary. Carrying this theme, recently the UI Notary Magister alumni held an event at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta. Of course this event is expected to be able to motivate prospective notaries.

Basically, the task of a notary is to balance the interests of all parties who wish to make an agreement so that in the future there will be no conflict between parties. So it is not surprising that the work of the notary must be lived in the spirit of peace and not the spirit of wanting to win one party. All parties must win, and the notary is the person who must ensure that this is indeed achieved.

Besides being sincere to live peacefully, notaries must also be sincere to live by maintaining their own good name. If a person has been sincerely born into a notary, He/ She just started the second step, which is to study in the Notary Masters Program for 2 years to get the MKn degree. Why do you need that degree? Because to be able to be appointed as a notary, a person must first hold a Bachelor of Law and Masters degree in Notary.

After graduating MKn, you must register with the Indonesian Notary Association (INI) whose office is in the Roxy-Grogol area. You will be registered as an Extraordinary Member. Why do you have to register? Because if you don't register, you can't take the Code of Ethics exam. If you don't take the code of ethics exam, you can't be a notary.

After listing, fight to find an internship. Because besides being obliged to be registered as this extraordinary member, another requirement for being able to take the code of ethics exam is having to have a 1-year internship in a notary office calculated from the time you graduate.

When you do your internship, don't just ask to be taught about writing a deed, but also ask you to learn about how to deal with clients, sew up deeds (you will understand what they mean when you go to college), deal with the National Land Agency (BPN), etc. You have to learn all this, because if you already have your own notary office, you must teach your assistant how to do it all.

Well, after an internship a year, wait for the code of ethics exam, take the exam code of ethics, pass, exit your SK as a notary, take an oath, and already do it. You are ready to open your own notary office.


Source: Israilrahmatullah

Pic credit by: Ahmad Rifqi Nurilmi