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Wearing Batik - Always a Great Choices

While some people have an innate sense of what to wear no matter where they’re going, for others, it’s a real challenge. Perfecting an outfit so that you get it right each time will require some forethought about comfort, suitability and what look best on you.

Have you consider to own several batik clothes on your wardrobe? Shirt, dress, skirt, or even the scarf. Batik has become a hallmark of Indonesia. And with the changing in Indonesia fashion industry finally able to upgrade the value of Batik. Today we won’t think Batik as old-fashion things but Batik is something fashionable with cultural heritage as identity of nation added as value for Batik, itself.

Batik has now become popular amongst various social groups. Batik is suitable to wear daily or on special occassion such as attending ceremonies, dinner parties, wedding receptions or official events. With its vast variety, batik can transform your look to chic, edgy or casual. How to figure out what to wear wherever you go? Wearing batik always a great choices, you may wear it also when having a simply formal party at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.