Seafood Jakarta

What’s Left from Your Chat Time

Instead of serving the authentic seafood in Jakarta, The Hook has also offered the comfy bar in Jakarta. By this, we can order our most favorite beverage and fill the time with full of enjoyment. Whether it will be new story or new memory either.

Commonly when people hang out at a bar, the current habits will bring them to capture the menu that they have ordered. But a unique situation has happened at The Hook – the best seafood and bar in Jakarta, our beloved guest who totally love to spend his/ her time here until forget to "snap" the presentation of his/ her most favorite beverage in a frame. After the time goes by and she/ he has sipped all of the freshness, he/ she just takes a picture of the empty glasses already. It marks how joyful the time is. Maybe that is the time of memorable chatting with peers, so fun and so lovely. Thus, beside the freshness, our beverages have brought new remarkable things to remember.

Indeed, there will be so much left after our chat time while enjoying beverages from The Hook restaurant & bar, the best seafood and comfy bar in Jakarta. Then, when will you take your time here?