Seafood Jakarta

What's Lovely At Senopati

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is much more than a metropolitan city. The dynamic city is filled with culture and also tradition. And for sure, Jakarta is a definitely a food city. You can find anything in Jakarta-from street vendor to fine dining, from traditional to fusion food. There is one famous area for culinary destination, Senopati. The Senopati neighborhood is located in Kebayoran Baru, a sub district of South Jakarta. One of the fabulous culinary places here is The Hook restaurant, the best seafood in Jakarta.

Senopati is a highly known area for foodies' destination, the hippest, ever growing culinary destination! These past few years, there had been a huge development going on in Senopati Jakarta, one of them is their best restaurant list. For such a small area where the traffic is jam-packed almost all day on weekdays, there’s a rapid number of restaurants growth in this elite neighborhood. This area is known for their high street flair, offering a wide range of selection for best restaurants to eat, drink and hang out and wide selection of cuisines that will take your palate to a whole another level.

With many list of best restaurant in Senopati, you’ll need some guidance-where to have the best Italian food for example, or where to have the best seafood. The Hook, the best seafood in Jakarta also located in Senopati Area. Here you can find the best Arafura Grouper, the rare Pinctada Maxima, or the famous Banana Prawn. With comfortable place, The Hook offer the fresh seafood with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, simple yet exquisitely executed cooking methods. Whether its daylight or night time, you can always find some of the best restaurants in Jakarta around Senopati area.


Photo Credit by Google Account: Tatra Laksita