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What's Special For Being 17?

17 years old can be said, the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Maturity is a characteristic that is considered to be independent in making a decision. Even though sometimes the decision is wrong. Actually, what's the same with age 17? Is there anything special? Let's find out as been resumed by The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Biologically, at the age of 17 we can say it's already cooked. The problem is that at this age, signs of maturity are already visible in our bodies, which is commonly called puberty. Puberty is a transitional and overlapping period. Because puberty is in the transition between the times of children and adolescents, so-called children are not rightly called adults too. There are several characteristics that are related to biological and psychological growth and development.

Psychologically, As soon as our body develops, psychic things in our body also develop. Not only the environment that requires us to be more mature (not to be spoiled, crying, to be more independent). 17 years is not an easy time either, sometimes we disagree with the treatment of our parents who continue to regard us as small children, but as long as we are aware, we still need parental help. Psychological development can also be seen through our already developed talk, for example, we often discuss the opposite sex.

Legally, It's true, age 17 is the most wanted and most special age. They feel this privilege because, at the age of 17 Indonesian teenagers have the right to ownership of KTP, SIM, and of course voting rights in the Election as well as a series of other rights and obligations. Oh yes, even at this age we also get the same treatment as other adults in the eyes of the law. Yak, so if we violate the law. We will be processed through legal channels without being able to "privilege" enter children's rehabilitation centers.

With all the responsibilities of age 17, we must act more mature and more responsible. So don't get me wrong, 17 years many people think that freedom, but actually have to be extra extra self-defense because it's already considered adult.


Pic credit by: Virna Anastasia Nuzma