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When Our Staffs Know-How-To Make Some Fun

As the best place to hang out around Jakarta, The Hook restaurant always tries to serve the best for our beloved guests. To maintain this quality, our staffs always concerns in the quality of working relationship among team. Thus they can explore the best service for our customers as an output. These ways are some tips from our  staffs in having a good working relationship:

Caring and often helping co-workers who need help

If someone wants to be good to us, then do the same first. It has become the law of life. If you care and sincerely help co-workers who need help, they will definitely repay your kindness in the future. Keep doing this 'good circle'.


Do this especially when working in teams. In teamwork, do not ever want to stand out for yourself, or do not just rely on others. Work to the maximum extent and prove to others that you have a good work ethic. That way co-workers will be happy to be one team with you.

Interaction and mutual respect

In the world of work, it is very important to build good relationships between our colleagues. The best way is to interact and respect each other. Take frequent greetings, polite and smiling to everyone in your workplace. And avoid the impression of arrogant, lazy and arrogant.

Resolve conflicts professionally

The name of the conflict must always exist, as well as in the world of work. Even if you experience it, be professional and unselfish or childish. If you need to try to succumb.

Say thank and give credit to colleagues

Do not hesitate to thank or commend your colleagues. No need to overdo it, just a simple compliment to make co-workers feel more appreciated. They will apply to you as well.


Pic Credit by FB: Clara Marley Nanlohy