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Why Guys Enjoying Games Much?

AMD as the largest producer of gaming computer hardware in the world has held pickles at The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta. It turned out that the event was very much in demand by guys. Then why is the game preferred by guys?

Guys like to play games rather than girls because their interests are different from girls. Guys are more inclined towards games because interest boys love playing games. In addition, research shows that in men's brains there are parts that can activate feelings that are related to respect and addiction. This section can show greater activation as guys get superior in a game.

Allan Reiss, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine found that there is a greater influence on the male brain when playing games. The part of the brain that concerns pleasure and dependency becomes more active when men play games than when women play.

This study was conducted on 11 men and 11 women. From these studies it was known through brain scan reactions that men are more motivated and happy to solve the challenges contained in the game. The part of the male brain that is related to appreciation, taste and sensing becomes more active than women when playing games.


Pic credit: Louis Ravelli