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Why Women Like to Take Selfies?

Selfies are capturing self-portraits with unique poses and excessive style, you can call selfies as selfies. The goal is so that other people feel amazed and interested, when looking at your photo. This category of activity turned out to be more attractive to women. These is following summary of The Hook restaurant - the best hangout place in Jakarta.

Feel beautiful. The confidence that you are a beautiful woman certainly encourages you to do unique and charming poses. Selfie is proof that you really are a beautiful and attractive woman. Of course without that confidence, you are reluctant to take a selfie pose. Sometimes, excessive self-confidence also encourages unnatural selfies by opening aurat and showing the beauty of the body.

Hoping for praise. If you do a selfie, of course you want other people to feel amazed and say that you are beautiful. You will be very happy and proud if other people give comments in the form of praise. So getting praise is one reason why women take selfies and spread them.

Stabilizing Mood. Some women also do selfies to reduce confusion and restore mood. Various unique poses were printed and distributed to several social media sites, shortly afterwards various kinds of comments came. Busyly reading comments and replying, without feeling the feeling of confusion diminishes and the mood gets better.

General Characteristics of Women. Judging from aesthetic values, selfie can be said to be an art and beauty of self. Like the character of a woman who likes beauty, beauty, and indulgence, selfie is a characteristic of women even though selfies are also mostly done by men.


Pic credit by: Santi Irawan